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I am so lucky to have a dedicated team of volunteers to help out with nappy advice, you will find them in my private Facebook group, where they can assist you with all your nappy needs.

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Hey everyone, I'mAnnie. I am a mum two girls, 3 & 1, and the most gorgeous cavapoo!I made the switch to full time cloth nappies when my eldest was 6 weeks old and I had built up my stash with both new and Preloved. I researched cloth in my pregnancy and decided it was something I wanted to do, but of course it's a massive learning curve initially. We overcame fit issues, leaks, wash routines etc and I've used cloth since then and continue to do so for my youngest.We have tried almost every style so I have a range of experience. We now have a happy mixed stash and I love different nappies for different reasons, but my current favourite is the lighthouse kids supreme all in one. I find these a great fit, super easy, quick to dry and slim. But we all know not all nappies will suit every baby, so I am always happy to help with advice and recommendations to try and find what works for you!


Hi I’m Becky mum to 5 (yes 5 ) and I used cloth with my little girl Wednesday who will be 3 in April and potty trained when she turned 2 and a half I planned to use cloth with her as soon as I found out I was pregnant as I knew from having my 4 other children just how much waste we would get through. We started using cloth when she was 2 weeks old, in hindsight I wish I’d have started from birth but those first 2 weeks gave us time to settle in and we went straight into birth to potty nappies. We have used many different types of nappies and I found having a few different styles worked really well for us. I’d say my favourites were probably a good pocket nappy and AI2’s. Little Lovebum pockets, Baba and Boo, Seedings, New Nappies, Econaps and Baby Bare. Thirsties where my favourite all in ones. I’m also a huge lover of wool nappy covers which we started using at 6 months for nights. I think the best advice I could give is that using cloth is a journey and to just roll with it.


Hi, I’m Cat and this is my little boy Cailean, who just turned 2. I’d always known about cloth nappies as it was what my mum used on me and my brother, but when I was pregnant my friend was using cloth on her baby, so it made me look into modern cloth nappies and decide that they were what we were going to use.Cailean was born a little bit prem and 4lb8oz at his smallest, we were in hospital for a week, then even my newborn stash was too big for him with the help of Facebook groups, I found close popin newborns and as soon as they arrived we’ve been full time cloth ever since.We’ve tried most types and lots of brands as different things have suited us at different times along our journey, and I feel I should be able to help with a lot of issues you may have. I’m so passionate about getting more people into cloth, and sticking at it!! If you’re on insta you can find us at @his.fluff.bum.ecoish.mum


Hi, im Cheska, mummy to two beautiful children who are both in cloth nappies. For a time, I was a mum to two under two!
My love of cloth nappies started during the pandemic in May 2020. I started off with a few and slowly built my stash. As a first time mum I was completely winging it with little support due to the pandemic so using cloth gave me a focus and in doing so a community of like minded, friendly, kind and helpful people, some of whom I'm now proud to call friends.
I remember two people prior to my first child being born, telling me I should use cloth nappies. Both myself and my husband scoffed at the idea - too much extra work, disgusting having to deal with poo especially when out, not wanting to use the same washing machine .. it goes on. But here I am, using cloth and loving it both in the house and out and about...


Hi i'm Emma, second time mummy to my fluff bum Ozzy. We decided to have another go at cloth nappies when Ozzy was born as our previous try with my daughter was unsuccessful due to not really knowing where to turn when we had problems. We started using cloth full time when Ozzy was 2 weeks old and haven't looked back since! This time we found the nappy den when it first opened and have met some amazing and knowledgeable cloth parents who have helped us on our journey. Our favourite brands at the moment are lighthouse kids co, buttons, bear bott and thirsties


Hi! I'm Hazel, first time mum to Erin, a 1 year old wriggle bum! I'm based in Manchester and love live music, exploring new places and eating good food. I was lucky to be introduced to clothing by a local nappy library who just made things seem so simple and I am really excited to help simplify reusables for other newbies. I mainly use pockets and most of my stash are Bells Bumz and Baba and Boo but I'm a sucker for any brand with a bold botanical print! 


Hi, I’m Jo, mum of 2. I decided to cloth my youngest child as soon as I found out I was pregnant with her. It was something I wanted to do with my eldest but that was some years ago and information wasn’t as readily available as it is now. I’ve loved every about using cloth on Millie, but most of all I’ve loved meeting my tribe in the cloth community. I’ve tried most types of nappies but my all time favourites, the ones I go back to again and again has to be flats and wraps.


I’m Jess, mumma to Lachlan! I started using cloth with Lachlan when he was around 5 months old due to the major shortage in nappies because of the panic buying. I wish we had started using cloth sooner as the disposables was making his poor little bottom so sore but I never actually knew about cloth until my mum told me to buy them, then my ever growing love for cloth nappies and trying to be more eco spirals on from there!


I'm Rachel, mum to two beautiful boys. I used disposable nappies with my first, as I was unaware of any alternatives.

By chance I heard of the existence of cloth nappies when I was pregnant with my second. I didn't do my research and I made plenty of mistakes to begin with but I learnt from them.

 I have now been using cloth nappies for nearly two years and I would definitely say I'm a cloth nappy addict. It has also led to us becoming a more eco friendly family.


Hi I'm Sarah, I live on the south coast of Cornwall, with my husband and two girls, 2.5 year old Éowyn, 4 months old Lyra and our dog Nina.

My favourite brands are little lovebum and Baba and Boo, I just find them so reliable and great quality,and I like the fact that they were started in the UK by mums, I love supporting them, but always interested in trying other brands. 


Hi, I’m Sophie and mum to 2! I found out about cloth nappies during the start of the pandemic, when disposable nappies were hard to find. We started with a small bundle of 5 and we slowly built up our stash until we had enough to cloth full time. It’s been a wonderful adventure, full of amazing support. It’s changed our lifestyle and the way we look at the planet.

2 part nappies are our favourite and work the best for us.


I’m Stella mummy to Harper a bubbly 5yr old and Hallie a cheeky 2yr old. I also have a stepdaughter who is 11. We tried to use cloth with Harper but I couldn’t find the support to help me problem solve. With Hallie I researched and found help from other cloth bum mamas on social media. I applied to be a den squad member to help others succeed in using cloth


I’m Stephanie and I have two little ones. I was one of the crazy ones to have two under two but I’m surviving and wow, just wow! I clothed my boy until he was 2 and sadly made the decision to stop due to his IBS flaring up far too often. I am now using full time cloth with my little girl and have done since birth. We are absolutely loving it this time around discovering new brands including the NEW Nappies by The Nappy Den on recommendation which is how we discovered our love for The Nappy Den originally. We use a large rotation of quite a few brands but we reach mostly for the NEW Nappies or the Little Lamb two piece - the bamboo being my favourite for night time.