La Petite Ourse - Bamboo Insert - 2 pack

La Petite Ourse - Bamboo Insert - 2 pack

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Our inserts are made of 4 thicknesses of bamboo measuring 14 cm X 36 cm.

Bamboo is known for its great absorption power.

Note that with the purchase of each layer, we give you 2 bamboo inserts.

To follow the evolution of your baby, the addition of inserts can become essential in a diaper having only one insert. The more your baby grows, the more important his urine will be. Putting on one or two inserts can be the difference between a dry coat and a leaky coat.

When baby is small, you must fold the insert so that it can properly enter the diaper. You fold it forward for a boy and backwards for a girl.

Composition: 70% bamboo and 30% cotton

Number of thickness:   4

Absorption: 4.5 oz each

 This item is CPSIA certified.