Winter Months With Cloth Nappies

Winter Months With Cloth Nappies

Photograph by Pink Feet Photography


So for many people the winter months can be difficult to dry cloth nappies.  We all know that drying our reusable nappies outside is amazing in the summer time and even the slowest of drying nappies (natural fibre all in ones especially) can dry pretty quickly in the summer breeze outside.  So what happens when an outside drying space is no longer available?


Well there are several options, obviously increasing your stash is a good idea, because having more nappies on rotation means drying time becomes less of a factor, however we don’t always have money for extra nappies, so why not consider adding the following to your stash….


  • More inserts for pocket nappies – Pocket nappies dry quickly, it is usually their inserts that don’t, this means you can use your pockets straight away if you double up on inserts.
  • Add a pack of terries or flats to your stash to give you more nappies when your slow drying ones are still drying – these are cheaper than buying nappies and you can reuse nappy wraps/covers over them if they aren’t soiled by wiping them down.
  • Add covers, again to use with your terries/flats these are quick drying and can be used with many option for daytime or night time nappies.


So what happens to my beloved natural fibre All In Ones during winter……..


So some All in Ones dry quicker than others, opt for stay dry like a Little LoveBum Quickdry , this will usually be dry in 24 hours from indoor drying or if you prefer a natural fibre then opt for a Smart Bottom 3.1, as the insert of a 3.1 can lay out flat which means a dries quicker than a nappy that has lots of layers sewn in.


Quickest Drying All I One Options(still slower than pockets):


-Little Lovebum Quickdry

-Smart Bottoms 3.1

-Bambino Mio Solo

-TotsBots Easyfit 

Is there anything we can do to speed up that actual drying process?


So most inserts, prefolds and flats can be tumble dried on a low setting, this can be useful to just finish them off after they have been hanging on an airer. Also a soctopus or high up airer is good above a warm area in your house.  Make sure they are spread out so the air can circulate well and turn All In Ones inside out and rotate regularly.  As I did previously live in a damp house I was lucky enough to own a dehumidifier, you would need to spend a decent amount (you get what you pay for is definitely evident for these), I would say mine was mid range approx. £150 , but as it has helped our house so I think a good investment, it doubles the speed of the nappy drying in my opinion.