There are many different types of reusable nappy, however the general set up requires a waterproof outer and an absorbent inner to create the nappy. The whole nappy can then be placed in a washing machine, washed, and then reused time and time again

If you are thinking of cloth nappies for your little one, whether full time or part time (remember it doesn't need to be all or nothing). Get some nappies and try them out in the comfort of your own home. Making sure you follow the fit guide. Like most things it can be trial and error.

To start you will need:

- Nappies

- wet bag/pail to store dirties

- washing powder to wash in your machine


- reusable or disposable liners to catch poo easily especially if your baby is on solids, not really required for the newborn stage.

Often confusing when you start out.

A booster (or sometimes called an insert) is added to a nappy for absorbency. Generally made from cotton, bamboo, hemp or microfibre.

A liner (can be reusable or disposable) is optional and is there purley to catch the poo and make it easier to discard of down the toilet.

This is the most common question asked. Simply answered the poo needs to go down the toilet before going into the washing machine.

Did you know.......poo from a disposable nappy should also be put down the toilet and not put in the bin.

Another popular question with no definitive answer. However if you want to use reusable nappies we would recommend:

24 nappies (approx)

Spare boosters

2 large pails or 1 bucket

wet bags for out and about

2-3 Night nappies with wraps


Wipes kit

Mini wet bag


Variants include: how often you wish to wash, time of year (may need a few extra nappies in winter months)

Check out the washing guide here

General guidelines for washing, use a powder not liquid. Ideally wash every 2-3 days.

Quick Guide

Run a rinse before your main wash.

Main wash at 40 or 60 degrees. Use a long wash around 2.5 hours

Optional end rinse can be good to remove any excess powder.

If your nappy isn't lasting very long or your little one has started weeing more, you can consider boosting the nappy.

This means you add absorbency to the nappy.

Different boosters have different qualities.

Microfibre -Man made quick absorber good for flooding.

Cotton - Natural fibre quick absorber, good for flooding.

Bamboo - Natural fibre, good for heavy wetters.

Hemp - Natural fibre, slower absorber, very absorbent, great for nighttime.

Just the same as disposables, they catch the poo and the wee passes through.

This is how all baby swim nappies work disposable or reusable.

Some local authority pools will require you to have a double nappy, so check your local pool for their rules and guidelines

For beach and holiday wear, you will only need the swim nappy.

Wash in your machine after use and use again and again.

For some babies, especially when they start sleeping for longer, will need a dedicated night nappy to help keep baby dry through the night.

Top Night time combos include:

-Fitted nappy with wrap over

-Terry towel boosted with wrap over

Top Tip: Favour hemp and bamboo fabrics for over night

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