How To Wash Reusable Nappies

Don't be put off by the washing! Reusable nappies will wash perfectly in your washing machine without the need for harsh chemicals and scrubbing. Don't worry the washing machine will do all the hard work!

Step 1

Store wet/dirty nappies in PAIL until wash day.

Pre-Weaning: Chuck them straight in!

Post Weaning: Scrape off solids then into the bucket/pail.

Wash every 2-3 days: Cold rinse to remove excess.

Step 2

Main wash. After RINSE check Drum is approx 3/4 full, bulk out with small items if needed (muslin cloths, baby towels are perfect).

Long cotton wash - 40/60ºC, full dose of POWDER to deep clean.

Step 3

Drying: Line dry where possible always away from direct heat.

MOST inserts, liners and none PUL items can be tumbled dried on a low heat. But this can reduce life span slighly.

Top Tips

1. Use POWDER not Liquid

2. Don’t use fabric softener

3. Pre wash New nappies

If your nappies get a detergent build up or you see suds in your machine, run an extra wash at the end of the main cycle.

Download a printable copy here, perfect for quick reference.