Good Fit Guide

Get The Best Fit

To ensure comfort and avoid leaks, having a good fit is essential.

Good Fit Guide

As with most things, practise makes perfect. But if you remember a couple of key points, you should be on the road to a good fit.

Remember reusable nappies sit lower than a disposable, it does not need to be tight on the waist, and ensure you don't have any gaps on your legs, with the nappy sitting into the knicker line.

Check out the images below as a guide.

Step 1

Prep the nappy. (add inserts if needed)

Step 2

Add a liner to catch poo if you like.

Step 3

Set the poppers on the correct rise size for your baby.

Step 4

Squeeze the fabric of the nappy into the knicker line as you bring the nappy up between the legs.

Step 5

Pull the fabric neatly across the hip area and secure the popper/velcro.

Step 6

Repeat on the other side.

Step 7

Check there is enough room for two fingers around the waist and that it isn't too tight.

Step 8

Make sure there is no inner fabric, or absorbency showing, if there is, tuck it in.

Step 9

Check you have no gaps in the leg area and that the nappy is in the knicker line.