Nappy Tips

Welcome to the Nappy Tips page!


Here at the Nappy Den we want to make everything accessible for everyone!  So whether you're just starting out or you're looking for something new to try as your child has outgrown the new born stage, below are some tips and ideas that may help you along your journey!


Washing Info

Most brands supply their own washing guides, however it's best to keep it as simple as you can if you have a mix of different brands.

Quick Guide to Washing:

- Knock solids off the nappy into the toilet and store in a nappy pail or hanging pail until wash day. 

- Empty the pail into the washing machine and rinse the nappies with no powder (approx 20 - 30 min) this will remove the contents.

- Add the recommended dose of powder to your load and set on the longest full wash your machine has (approx 2-3hours) at 40 or 60 degrees.

- Line dry for best results, or low tumble dry for none PUL fabric


Top Tips

- Make sure your washing machine is about 3/4 full to enable a good wash, if you don't have that many nappies to fill to 3/4 pad your wash out with small items like baby grows, muslins, wipes etc.

- Don't use fabric softener this can coat the natural fibres and make them less absorbent.

- Use powder not liquid for best wash results.

- Do not place nappies on direct heat like radiators

- New nappies, especially natural fibres (bamboo, hemp) require several pre- washes to get them up to full absorbency, if they don't receive several pre- washes you will need to boost to avoid leaks!


Different Nappies

A basic break down of the different nappy types on offer:


Terries/Muslin - Good for newborn stage, to learn different folds check out our instagram videos. Will require a  waterproof wrap over the top to contain wee.

Pocket Nappy – Simple nappy that has a pocket, which you stuff boosters/inserts into.  It’s versatile because you can add more boosters/inserts if your baby/child becomes a heavier wetter.

All in One nappy (AIO) – A straight forward one piece nappy that is quick and easy to use the closest match to a disposable in terms of ease of use. Comes with poppers or hook & loop (velcro) fastening.

All in Two nappy (AI2) – Two pieces of a nappy, an inner absorbent layer then an outer waterproof layer.  Although more to put on, benefits are that it can offer better containment and last longer for outings, car journeys or sling wearing.

Fitted Nappy – An absorbent nappy that comes in different sizes to fit your baby/child.  A fitted nappy will require a waterproof wrap over the top.

Wraps- An outer layer to keep the wee in.  Can be made of waterproof fabric or wool.  If using wool you will need to lanolise before use to make it waterproof.


Best for Baby & The Environment

  • They are better for the environment because you wash and reuse cloth nappies, rather than throwing each one in the bin. Choosing reusable nappies over disposable nappies can halve the average household waste.
  • Reusable nappies now come in a variety of funky designs, colours and fabrics, with soft cloth inserts and easy fastenings like hook & loop or poppers.
  • Some reusable nappies come with a removable inner layer that you can slip into your baby's changing bag and so you don’t have to wash the whole nappy every time.
  • Cloth nappies can work out cheaper in the long run. They can be reused for future babies or sold on. Reusable nappies save you around £200 to £500 over the 2.5 years that your baby is likely to be in nappies.
  • Some parents say cloth nappies feel softer and more comfortable for their baby’s bottom.
  • Natural cloth nappies may be less likely to cause nappy rashes because they don’t use any harsh chemicals, dyes or plastics.