DEFRA Issue their report....

So the long awaited DEFRA report is out! You can view the full report here:

It won't really come as a surprise to the reusable world that reusables use 25% less C02 than single use disposable nappies, but the research and findings are hopefully the evidence the government need to now move forward with implementing some changes to our mainstream baby nappy consumption.

The report goes on to state it has taken into account many variables, including the washing and drying aspect of reusables, which for many is a concern for its environmental weighting.  Even with this consideration the environmental impact of a reusable is better than that of a disposable.
Main statistics were:
- 90% lower impact of production for reusables
- Disposables use 98% more resources to produce
- Environmental impact of a disposable  is 9x higher than that of a reusable
What we know:
several variables could help to increase the positives of reusables even further, which include
- Using the same nappy on more than 1 child and/or beyond the 2.5yr period studied
- Reduced life of nappies ,
- Washing & Drying
- Transportation 
So all positives for the reusable world and our journey to make cloth mainstream.  So what's next?  We all wait to see if the government will take positive steps....