Are eco-friendly wipes better for the environment?

Are eco-friendly wipes better for the environment?

Well there are so many different baby wipes on the market these days, with many claiming huge eco credentials but what is the truth.

Disposable wipes

Lets face it none of us know how our birth journey will go.  So for many of us disposable options can seem appealing and hassle free.  So what do we need to look for in a disposable.  Well in October 2023 the UK government began a plan to ban baby wipes containing plastic, and shortly after this announcement many major superstores, like Tesco decided they would ban the sale of wipes containing plastic, this movement has seen the arrival of many new types of baby wipes.

While some wipes are biodegradable , their environmental impact goes beyond the life after the wipe was used.  During the process of making the baby wipes, they use huge amounts of water and energy which is very damaging to the planet when you consider how many disposable wipes are manufactured each year, to be used for literally a few seconds before ending its single use life in the bin.

Biodegradable Wipes

With these new wipes, we see many words like biodegradable and compostable on the packets of baby wipes.  Whilst bamboo and other plant based materials are biodegradable, you would need to question the environment in which these wipes can break down, as usually in landfill this isnt always quite as simple as it may sound. This coupled with the environmental impact to make it, its eco credentials are not looking so great now.

Are eco-friendly wipes better for the environment?

Flushable wipes

THESE DO NOT EXIST, despite what anyone says the water board inforce the news that baby wipes are not flushable.  However given recent surveys carried out around the UK it appears many people admit to flushing them and this is now contributing to huge problems within our sewerage companies. Bin The Wipe was a campaign started by Water.Org visit their website here to learn more about the campaign. stated

Reasons for flushing wet wipes stated were: the belief that it is safe to do so (43%), convenience (36%), always done this (26%), don’t know any other way (15%) and not having a bin in the bathroom (14%).  

Where do my single use wipes go?

So if they are flushed and manage to make it through the sewage system, they will morel ikely be found washed up on the beach creating havoc for marine life.  Even wipes without plastic can create huge problems, The Marine Conservation Society say lets take action now to remove ALL wipes from our beaches whatever their composition so how do we do that?


Reusable Wipes

If you switch to one reusable product in your lifetime , switch to reusable wipes, not only will you help in the reduction of one of our biggest single use products, you will also save £££££.  We all know baby wipes aren't just for babies, they have a multitude of uses.  But say you used wipes just on your baby until they potty trained you would need around 4-5 packs of disposable wipes a week, that's 260 packs a year, so around 650 packs until your baby potty trains, that will probably cost you around £700!  Not to mention the waste created.  Swap this for 20-30 reusable wipes, costing you around £40, that's a whopping saving for you and your family and a big win for the planet!


How do I use reusable wipes?

So you've seen the figures and statistics and fancy giving it a shot!  Great, why not buy a few wipes to get started, check out the range here, or hop right in with a starter kit, giving you all the accessories you need to use reusable wipes full time, at home and whilst you're out and about.  Shop starter kit wipes here. They are easy to use, suitable for all the family, and will last years and years.  Start your reusable wipe journey today.  Kinder for babies bums and our planet.

Are eco-friendly wipes better for the environment?