Do you support Tony's Chocolonely ?

I am sure some of you have seen the articles in papers like The Times, about Tony’s Chocolonely and I felt it was important to communicate why I will be continuing to sell this brand at The Nappy Den.

 If you didn’t see the article to it explained that Tony’s have been removed from a list of ethical chocolate producers due to its partnership with Belgian Chocolate producer, Barry Callebaut. Callebaut is one of 7 companies in the US who are respondents in a lawsuit. The claim was filed on behalf of former cocoa plantation workers alleging they were forced to work, as children, with zero pay.


Tony’s have addressed this in a statement on their website , explaining the partnership is to enable them to make their chocolate “mainstream”. They get to use the pre-existing, global supply network, of Callebaut, and show that a large processor can achieve 100% traceability. Its their hope that this model sets a precedent to be adopted by others. 


Tony’s have still retained their Fair Trade and B-Corp certifications. They maintain their pledge to remain ethical, slavery free, traceable, and fair trade, this has not changed.


Tony’s acknowledge that Barry Callebaut is not a Fair Trade Brand but without the partnership they would not have been able to grow as they have and catch our attention which enables them to raise awareness and make greater changes.


This week has made me reflect as a retailer and want to find out more about the chocolate industry. I will be taking time to educate myself further on the hidden injustices, which Tony’s are not scared to shout about and want to change.


As I have stated above The Nappy Den WILL continue to stock Tony’s for the following reasons


  • Tony’s was founded with the aim to end slavery, child labour and exploitation in the chocolate industry. They intended to do this in a revolutionary way, from within. They would show the biggest chocolate brands that it is possible to make, profitable chocolate that is free from modern slavery and illegal child labour. They tackled the issued head on by sourcing their cocoa beans from areas where it is clear that these practices are rife, as this is where the big players in the chocolate industry also source their beans!
  • Tony’s do not make savings through working with Barry Callebaut, they pay more to ensure their beans are separated and remain 100% traceable
  • Barry Callebaut do not have any shareholding in Tony’s
  • Tony’s are open and transparent in their work to reduce and ultimately stop child labour in the chocolate industry by actively looking for these instances and working to remediate them.
  • Tony’s actively encourage others in the industry to join their 5 sourcing principles as set out in their open supply chain
  • Tony’s have not been removed from the list due to instances of modern slavery in the chain it is due to the partnership with Barry Callebaut but without this partnership Tony’s would not have made the impact that they have, today.
  • Tony’s marketing slogan makes their campaign clear “100% slave free” and their material sets out that it is their aim to make this a reality.
  • To carry on making positive changes in the industry Tony’s need our support