How to Save ££££ with reusable nappies.

So OK we have to buy reusable nappies to start with BUT once you own them, they are there!  No subscriptions, or late night trips to the supermarket required.

So let's look at the basic maths....

1 Baby = Nappies

So how many nappies?  So simply put if the Baby needed 7 nappies a day (probably more in the early days).

How many reusable nappies do I need


7 nappies a day = 49 Nappies a week = 2548 nappies a year

So you would need to go to the shop each week and be buying around 2500 nappies a year.  Costing you on average £1000 for the year.

So it's clear to see how this figure will grow if your child potty trains at 2 or 3 years old.

With reusables you could save over £1000 by buying a set of resables.

Save £1000 with reusable cloth nappies

-You can source second hand nappies or save money by buying a starter kit. But on average you should be able to get enough to cloth full time for £300.  Factor in the cost to wash, then line dry you will still make a huge saving!

So saving you money

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