What Should I pack in my hospital bag?

What should I pack in my hospital bag? Like most things it can be overwhelming knowing what to pack, what not to pack. I was tempted to pack everything but the kitchen sink, but space can be limited in some hospitals if you're having a hospital birth, so here are a few ideas of what you might need. 

When should I pack My hospital bag?

When to pack is a question we all mull over.  It's a good idea to pack your bag a few weeks before your due date just so you're prepared for any little early arrivals.  

For Mum

Think about yourself and what you need during the labour and the time you're waiting for your little one.  A great place to start is your toothbrush and toiletries to keep you fresh, reusable wipes are nice for a freshen up too. Some people like to take the pillow they've been using or pregnancy pillow, as it is likely you will be waiting for labour to start, so it's great to be able to make yourself comfortable and support your bump.

Snacks & a nice big reusable water bottle, we love the kleen kanteen one to help you keep hydrated!  Comfortable pyjamas and slippers are a must too, and depending on the season a dressing gown for when you fancy a little walk around the ward or a breath of fresh air outside. 

Don't forget your maternity notes, any medication you may need and some comfy clothes for going home.  Practical items could include a charger and a magazine to keep you occupied.  I loved a water spray for my face when I gave birth one particularly hot May.

For Baby

Well you'll need that cute first outfit plus a selection of vests and babygrows. I would recommend a newborn and a 0-3 size range so you have something suitable size wise.  We love the baby essentials range at Jojo Maman Bebe or for something a little more bespoke why not check out our friends at 2 Little Legs and support another small shop. Don't forget little scratch mittens and a hat.

Nappies of course, you'll need those whether you opt for newborn reusable nappies or disposables in the early days.  Reusable wipes with plain water are great for the early days too.  Probably best to pack enough for around 3 days, you can always get a family member to bring more items in for you if you find out you're staying a bit longer.

Lastly you'll need some muslins for feeding, blankets for sleeping and bottles and formula if you're bottle feeding or combi feeding.  We love the Muslinz range for soft neutral muslins and blankets perfect for the newborn days and beyond.  You can shop the Muslinz range here