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Benefits of using a library
When I was starting out with reusables there wasn't a nappy library near me or any support from my local council.  Since opening the shop I have been lucky enough to meet parents from all over the UK at Baby events and have collaborated and supported council schemes and libraries in other county's.  So I am beyond thrilled to partner with my local library the Lincolnshire Cloth Nappy Library- NCT I will be shouting from the rooftops (literally) to all my local parents.
So what are the main benefits of a library!
Firstly and in my opinion the most important, advice and demonstrations from a real life person that uses or has used cloth nappies!  Not a youtube video, blogger, influencer or zoom!!! (obviously nothing wrong with any of these methods which we all use daily) but I feel meeting a person face to face can really set you on your journey with confidence and assurance and support.  Secondly most libraries have lots of different nappy types and brands so you can really explore and try all the options before you go a head and purchase.  Finding what works for you and your family can really help to make reusable nappies fit for you.  The nappy library is often funded by grants and donations, so it can offer low priced hires to help you on your way.
I can't wait to meet some local parents through the Lincolnshire Nappy Library and am thrilled to support them and get more families seeing and feeling the benefits of cloth nappies.
So if you live in Lincolnshire then contact the Lincolnshire Cloth Nappy Library- NCT today!